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We would like to thank our gracious sponsors for providing us with monetary donations and or material/resource donations:

Monetary donations:

Material/resource donations:

Maria T. - sponsored 40 foldscopes

Focus Wild AZ Fish & Game - bookmarks
Gathering the Desert - teacher review copy
AMWUA Water In Our Desert Community Curriculum - educator curriculum
Natural Inquirer - magazines, Smokey Bear cards
City of Tempe Water - workbooks, pencils, erasers
Project Wet Arizona - workbooks
City of Mesa Water - workbooks
Salt River Project - workbooks, brochures
Soil Science Society - stickers, rulers
Rattlesnake Solutions - brochures
Trout Unlimited - stickers
Leave No Trace - LNT Cards
Bureau of Land Management - workbooks
National Speleological Society - bat brochures
Rio Salado Audubon - brochures, stickers
Environmental Protection Agency - workbooks, posters, brochures
National Park System - bookmarks
US Department of Agriculture - various handouts and posters
Harmony Virtual Assistants - donated 18 pairs of binoculars
National Geographic Kids - donated resource books
City of Mesa Water - water bottles, workbooks
University of Arizona Press - Gathering the Desert book

Ways To Sponsor:
If you make a donation of any kind we will acknowledge you or your business on this page as well as on our social media outlets.

1) If you are an organization or venue that is dedicated to outdoor  education in some form please contact us. We are looking for resources  that we can utilize in our programs (curriculum, workbooks, etc) as well  as resources we can pass along to our students. For example we are  looking for FREE promotional type items that we can include in our  welcome bag.....pencils, mini field guides, brochures, bookmarks, etc.  We are also looking for FREE materials that can be passed out in  classes, that compliment the topic(s) we are learning about. For example  an informational brochure on geology, field guides, water testing kits,  etc.

2) Make a monetary donation via GoFund Me.

3) Make a supply/equipment and/or nature related book/curriculum  donation, we will accept used or new items. Please contact us for our  shipping info or to arrange a time for us to pick up the items. We also  have an Amazon wishlist set up for Educating Children Outdoors AZ which lists items we need,  these items can be ordered from Amazon and shipped directly to our  organization.

4) Sponsor a book(s) for a child. We will be incorporating 2 reading  assignments into our program next year. The Navigators will be reading a  Sand Hill County Almanac and the Explores will be reading Chloe and the  Desert Heroes. Each of these books will be $6 if we order in bulk.   Families will be responsible for purchasing their own books so you can  help offset the cost by sponsoring a book. Donations can be made via  PayPal to please note that the donation is for  the required book.

We are also seeking sponsors who would like to make a donation of $100  in return for a website sidebar ad and social media highlights over the  course of year.
If you are interested in sponsoring ECO and have more questions please contact us.