ECO Navigators - 6th - 9th Grade

We are adjusting the "ECO Navigators" program grade levels slightly next year. Our NEW program will be for children in 6th-9th grade.

ECO Navigators Trial Class - Cost $7 Per Family

If you are interested in  your child joining the ECO program in Fall 2020 we highly recommend  attending a trial class. We will run the trial class like a typical ECO  day, however we ask that parents stay close by so you can also see how a  typical day looks (our semester/yearly program will be drop off).  You may bring older or younger siblings, just know this class will be  geared towards 5th-9th grade. We will bring some activities to occupy younger siblings. 

Class Details: 

For this class students  will be learning about famous naturalists of AZ and how to use historic  journals to understand wildlife.  In order to truly understand the status of wildlife today, it helps to  be familiar with their historic populations and ranges. To do this,  biologists and historians need to rely heavily on the journals and  writings of Arizona's earliest explorers. Yet, these resources can be  inconsistent and unreliable. Through hands on activities students will  delve into and decipher some of these writings, learn more about nature  journaling and learn about several famous naturalists who explored AZ.   

Please allow about 4 hrs for this class. There will be a lunch break. 

*There  is a Google doc form in the calendar event details section that must be  submitted, along with your payment to finalize your registration. 

May 6th -  ECO Navigators Trial Class - Famous Naturalists/Journals