Nerdy For Birdies - Birdwatching club Phoenix

Nerdy For Birdies is a youth birdwatching club in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We will have monthly birding walks at Rio Salado Audubon and also occasional birding fieldtrips to other popular birding sites in AZ.

Check our Google Calendar for upcoming bird walks and classes. Please be  sure to RSVP to events using our Google Doc form, so we know how many  nerdy birders will be attending and so we can email you a reminder with  meeting location datails. Most of our walks are FREE, some of the  classes may require a fee (so please make sure you read all the event  details).  Some of the events on our calendar are not hosted by us and  are birding events we wanted to pass along in case your nerdy birder is  looking for more birdwatching fun.

Nerdy For Birdies Store: 
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Our Favorite Birding Resources For Kids:
Bird Watching Academy & Camp - Get a $1 credit for Bird Watching Academy when you buy a monthly subscription. Use coupon: REFRNY7AJNXVK

About Nerdy For Birdies:
Nerdy For Birdies was created to encourage more youth to get excited  about the hobby of birdwatching. My son Rowyn aka NinjaBirder, developed  a love for birdwatching shortly after moving to Arizona in the Summer  of 2018. I wanted to encourage his love for his new hobby so I began to  take him to monthly birding walks. We quickly noticed that he was the  only youth birder present at most of the bird walks and events we  attended. In August 2019 we attended our first birding festival and  decided it was time to find a way to introduce more youth to this fun  and exciting hobby. And so I met with Rio Salado Audubon to discuss  leading a youth birding club and Nerdy For Birdies was created.

If you have questions please email us at or text 678-457-0802.